ERP Solutions


Anya Healthcare has the capability and expertise to address a wide range of ERP applications, including back-office automation systems, industry-specific requirements, as well as Internet Solutions.

We offer Linux based platform solutions to our clients with the added assurance of delivering the source code upon completion of the project. We strongly believe that by providing open source code we not only ensure affordable customization, but also can tailor our software functionality to suit any industry. By offering this value-add to our Clients, we focus on providing the best possible solution at the overall most competitive pricing model.

Anya Healthcare, with a combined domain expertise exceeding a decade long experience in the fields of manufacturing, banking, logistics, agriculture, plant automation, E -Governance and office automation, has a distinct advantage in understanding the needs of our Clients.

  • Functions such as Human Resources, Supply Chain Management, and Customer Relationship can be integrated by the ERP architecture
  • Increases proficiency in processing data from various sources
  • Flexible, modular, widespread, finest business processes and global focus.
  • Highly customizable ERP system
  • Speedy establishment of a functional ERP system
  • Inexpensive implementation of an ERP system