Project Experience


We are involved in complete Project Management of various Statements of Works completed at our client's locations, projects Labs both in Dallas and at our two Offshore Development Centers. We are also involved in the development of various projects at client sites (Onsite).

Following brief describes some of the projects where Anya Healthcare is involved. Please email us by clicking this link (make link live to an email pop up) for more information.


Over the years Anya Healthcare, has carved itself a niche as a cutting-edge solutions provider in the IT industry.

Our innovative solutions combined with focused, dedicated and committed human and technological resources.

Our consultants are involved in the following projects directly by Anya Healthcare or through our partner companies

  B2B, EAI and E-Commerce
Number of Anya Healthcare's consultants are involved in various webMethods B2B integration and webMethods EAI, e-commerce projects. WebMethods B2B Servers, Enterprise Servers, Integration Servers, Mainframe Servers, Integration with Siebel, I2 Trade Matrix, SAP, PeopleSoft, etc., XML, EDI, webMethods Adapters.

Offsite Project Management

This partial list of projects represents various industry segments. We are involved in the development of projects and/or Onsite consulting for these clients either directly or through our partner companies.

  Technologies used
Development and conversion of various projects in Medical Information Systems area. Majority of these projects are completed at our Offshore division. Internet/Intranet Technologies and Client/Server Technologies
Java, EJB, JavaBeans, JSPs, XML, Visual Basic, Visual Interdev, ASP, COM, DCOM, Delphi, PowerBuilder, SQL Server, Informix, TomCat, Internet Information Server
Development of Financial and Order Management Systems. Internet/Intranet Technologies
Java, EJB, JavaBeans, JSPs SQL Server, Apache, TomCat, Internet Information Server
Telelcom Billing Systems (Developed Onsite) Mainframe technologies
COBOL, DB/2, CICS, etc.
Various other projects EDI, XML, B2C, C2C, etc.