Open Source Linux

Open Source Linux

Open Source Linux

Migrating to Linux enhances reliability and liberates systems from issues such as instability, viruses and bugs. Linux is virtually virus free and the presence of a stable kernel vastly improves up-time. This is clearly illustrated by the increase of operational availability, as well as the additional control of maintenance costs.

Utilizing years of experience developing operating systems that incorporate proven Anya Healthcare methodology, our software engineers have made the migration process smooth and effortless for our Clients. IndoOS HOPE Real suite products are constructed with a rich GUI and windows-like appearance operating within a minimally intrusive network infrastructure.

Functions include:

  • Design and setting up of Networks
  • Directory Service
  • Print Services
  • Database Services
  • Device drivers

Anya Healthcare has utilized, open source software to provide low-cost solutions for the home and/or office. These offerings include high-performance business and scientific applications. The source code of these applications is available for modification and enhancement by our Clients.

Anya Healthcare's IndoOS HOPE-Real Suite and Linux applications are built on open source technology.

Salient features are:

  • Low cost
  • Stability
  • Performance
  • Flexibility
  • Compatibility
  • Multitasking
  • Virus protection and security
  • Open source

Anya Healthcare, with its proven software development methodology, brings Linux to our Client's desktop for a new user experience.

Our Strengths

Over the years Anya Healthcare, has carved itself a niche as a cutting-edge solutions provider in the IT industry.

Our innovative solutions combined with focused, dedicated and committed human and technological resources.

Linux Product Solutions

indoOS Home Desk

For the Home User featuring Education, Multimedia, Word Processing and Internet applications, all bundled as single solution.

indoOS Office Desk

An ideal Desktop OS for Offices and Notebooks with integration applications for Data synchronization from Hand held Devices, Organizing work (like Client mail, Project manager), as well as support for USB based Data Storage Devices, such as memory sticks, etc.

indoOS Professional

An ideal Development Environment, which is targeted at Linux Application Developers. It is packed with Editors, Compilers, Debuggers and IDEs for the development of applications, as well as utilities focused on application integration with Databases.

indoOS Embedded

A stable, highly reliable and configurable OS, which can be customized to meet various Users' requirements. It is modular in design with a small memory footprint and is optimized for hand held devices.

indoOS RealTime

A Linux based RTOS designed for mission critical deployment, such as Aerospace and Defense. Integrated with this OS is an API for the development of RealTime applications, a Trace Toolkit and a Simulator for the application tracing execution.

Dual Kernels eliminate the need for a dedicated PC and Memory Protection ensures reliable real-time execution without any memory page faults.