Utilizing the webMethods platform, NSF to ANSI and ANSI to NSF translators provide comprehensive solutions to our Clients' translation needs. We have ensured in our development process that the translators are very customizable to fit varied application needs.

Reduced Deployment Time & Faster HIPAA Compliance

Some of the application systems within the Healthcare Industry generate transaction documents and Claims in proprietary formats, some following the National Standard Formats. These formats, however, are not ANSI X12 HIPPA Compliant formats. Therefore, users have to install systems, which generate HIPPA compliant documents, or find ways to convert these documents into HIPPA compliant formats, prior to electronic transmission.

Some claim adjudication systems have to undergo substantial modification, if they are to accept data in ANSI X12 formats. One possible approach is to convert the incoming X12 documents to the existing formats, prior to Adjudication System submission.

Anya Healthcare's HIPPAFocus product is offered with built-in Translation tools, which allow Proprietary formatted documents to be easily converted, thus fulfilling HIPPA requirements.

Both format and value translations can be achieved using HIPPAFocus. Recognizing that National Standard formats are the most utilized in the industry, Anya Healthcare has developed the following off-the-shelf NSF to ANSI and ANSI to NSF Translators:

  • National Standard Format H3.01 to 0040X098, 837 Professional.
  • Claim. 0040X098, 837 Professional Claim to National Standard
  • Format H 3.01. UB92 H60 to 0040X096, 837 Institutional Claim
  • 0040X096, 837 Institutional Claim to UB92 H60

“Three I’s”

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