What is PLM?

Product Life cycle Management is a powerful tool that helps you to plan, schedule and communicate very effectively throughout the product Life cycle.

Company Profile

Why PLM?

To follow the success path for various industries, it is beneficial to identify an easy-to-understand product.

  • PLM is integrated information driven approach for all aspects of a product’s Life cycle from its design to its final disposal.
  • Monitoring the progress of a product at any stage in its life cycle – for example, tracking actual time of the product development and comparing these to schedules.
  • PLM technology provides an effective way to manage this data and improve processes.
  • PLM provides a rich set of features that helps to manage the project/product very effectively.

Our Strengths

Over the years Anya Healthcare, has carved itself a niche as a cutting-edge solutions provider in the IT industry.

Our innovative solutions combined with focused, dedicated and committed human and technological resources.


Business Features

  • Executive Dashboard with real-time statistics.
  • Customizable work flows.
  • Scheduling and priority based resource leveling.
  • Well defined hierarchical Work Breakdown Structure.
  • Planning with Gantt/PERT charts.
  • Edit Task Level (Actions the user can perform on assigned tasks within the project).
  • Time sheet entries, approval and tracking.
  • Project statistics reports.
  • Daily delivery, User workload report.
  • Security and access rights.
  • Alert notifications, e-mail notifications and file attachments.
  • Project planning, scheduling and resource planning.

Technical Features

  • Intranet/Internet based solutions.
  • Highly scalable – limited only by your hardware capabilities.
  • Framework based solution – can be enhanced easily to meet your changing business requirements.
  • Highly secured.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects, multiple activities/tasks
  • Project level access and communications.
  • Easily extended and integrated with other systems (including e-mail, Excel, PDF, XML and source control.
  • Customized reports with filters.
  • Gantt charts with zoom-in capability on selected portion of projects.