Open Source Solutions

IndoOS applications extend the benefit of open source technology beyond the basic operating system. Our solutions are optimized for Linux and include both open source applications, as well as operating system enhancements. Migrating to Linux enhances reliability and liberates systems from issues such as instability, viruses and bugs.

Anya Healthcare applications include software for managing web content, software development and office applications, which provide reliable, high availability services for Linux clusters. The significant benefits of open source solutions can be most fully realized across a complete system deployment.

IndoOS HOPE Real suite products are constructed with a rich GUI and windows-like appearance operating within a minimally intrusive network infrastructure.

“Three I’s”

Initiation, Innovation and Improvisation are “Three I’s” that is engraved within our work-ethic.

Functions include:

  • Design and setting up of Networks
  • Directory Service
  • Print Services
  • Database Services
  • Device drivers

We provide solutions for:

  • Linux Clusters
  • Office automation
  • Thin Clients
  • Network Management

Our Solutions offer all the benefits of open source:

  • Rapid innovation of the open source development model
  • Full control and freedom from proprietary lock-in
  • Open standards that do not restrict the Client's choice of architecture