Production Support

Anya Healthcare has well-defined maintenance processes and tools, and is staffed with experienced personnel. Our seamless Global Delivery Model provides an integrated, highly versatile mix of onsite, offsite and offshore resources and infrastructure. Our web-based Project Management System empowers our clients to monitor and control the support process in real time.

Help Desk Services, provided as an integral part of Anya Healthcare's production support package ensuring overall support for the clients. Help Desk agents are trained to drill down to core problems that may be causing temporary disruption to your business.

Our unified maintenance process supported by our proven onsite-offshore methodology and our quality management system improve application stability and productivity and reduce future maintenance costs.

“Three I’s”

Initiation, Innovation and Improvisation are “Three I’s” that is engraved within our work-ethic.

Reality of IT services:

  • Statistics show that the maintenance cost of software is more than 90% of the total cost.
  • It has been also deemed that software spends much more time in Production than Development.
  • The maintenance cost of the hardware is exorbitant.

Anya Healthcare ensures:

  • That the maintenance cost should never exceed that of development cost.
  • That development takes priority one and production is given the backseat.
  • That the maintenance cost of the hardware is kept to a minimum.