Anya Healthcare's versatile HL7Focus product supports not only security checks, participant identification, availability checks and exchange mechanism negotiations, but also the application level that addresses the data definitions to be exchanged and, most importantly, data exchange structuring.


HL7 Focus Features

  • Sends and receives HL7 messages over TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP
  • Filters HL7 Messages by sending facilities, or by message types
  • Listens to or connects to any port, LAN, VPN
  • Creates automatically, all required HL7 Acknowledgments
  • Provides easy configuration of resend time-outs, received acknowledgment rules and maximum number of re-sends
  • Gathers On-line, real-time statistics for monitoring HL7Focus activity
  • Creates Error Log and Detail Log File for interface trouble shooting

“Three I’s”

Initiation, Innovation and Improvisation are “Three I’s” that is engraved within our work-ethic.