Quality Procedures & Certifications



Anya Healthcare over a period acquired requisite skills to systematize client’s processes and evolve necessary methodologies for achieving high quality standards through automation.

Our Project Managers maintain rigid control on project schedules by continuously monitoring them through our in-house developed Project Management System (PMS) to ensure client deliveries within the stipulated time.

Anya Healthcare - ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company

Microsoft : Member Partner
webMethods : Member Partner
HP : Member Partner
IBM : Member Partner
Oracle : Member Partner
Claredi : Member Partner
HL7 : Member Partner

“Three I’s”

Initiation, Innovation and Improvisation are “Three I’s” that is engraved within our work-ethic.


Delivery Excellence

Anya Healthcare's processes, practices and implementations are defined, structured, proven and established as repeatable for all of our practice areas, both for our US and India (Offshore) Development Center of Excellence.

  • Our Recruitment Management Process identifies and secures top-level IT Professionals, while our Resource Management Processes ensure that these skilled Professionals are readily available for our Clients in the specific technologies applicable to their project.
  • Our Project Management Processes provide a standard, systemic approach to managing projects, risk mitigation, resource deployment and ensure that our project completion dates meet your business objectives. Potential risk factors are also addressed early in the Project Life cycle to avoid costly rework later in the process.
  • Our Delivery Management Processes encompass project management, development methodology and quality management to ensure that our Client will consistently experience world-class performance.
  • Our SDLC Processes are based on "best practices", thereby adding to our Clients' assurance that they will receive optimum service in all phases of the project.
  • Our Quality Management Processes monitor and enforce these best practices, focusing on the overall improvement of project quality and efficiency.

In addition our processes are under continuous scrutiny and review.