iNewsExpress is a comprehensive platform enabling access to newsgroups utilizing the most popular Internet browsers.

Access the newsgroups from anywhere using standard web browsers

  • Read, Reply and Manage news articles from the browser
  • Marks the articles read, automatically, as they are opened by the Users
  • Marks on a selective basis any news article as Unread

Integrate your existing NNTP server directly


  • Accesses newsgroups using SSL environments
  • Utilizes the NNTP server side Authentication process

Simple configuration to access any news server

  • Accesses any news server by changing IP/port values in the configuration file

User friendly interface

  • Offers a User friendly and interactive web interface
  • Provides a customized look and feel for the Client's specific application
  • Ensures the ability to browse all articles from an easily accessible articles tree
  • Allows "search and select" newsgroups to subscribe
  • Attaches files to articles, while replying and posting articles
  • Allows inclusion of an established signature, while replying and posting articles